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Top 3 UK running races

In this video I talk about my top 3 UK running races that I recommend and enjoyed running them.

  1. Fleet Half Marathon
    It’s gently undulating and a good PB course. It goes around the town twice where there is massive support before it goes off into the countryside
  2. Vitality 10,000m, London
    It’s a busy race (30,000 people) and you go past some great sights in the centre of London. It’s well supported throughout and is flat. You even finish at the same place as the London Marathon.
  3. Canterbury 10 Mile
    This is out in the countryside. It’s a tough course but fast course. There is a sharp hill 3/4 miles in and another about 3 miles before the end BUT there are long downhills and flat sections. The finish is on the flat and downhill all the way to the finish. The support is mainly on the finish and start line.

What are your top 3 UK running races? If you’re after Triathlon races look here.

Top 3 Uk running races  -fleet half

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Yiannis Christodoulou
Yiannis Christodoulou
European and National Aquathlon age group champion.

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