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5 Tips for Training While on Holiday

School’s out, which seems timely given that the world is just slowly opening back up for business. Perhaps you’re making up for the loss of travel abroad during the global pandemic? Here are my 5 tips for training while on holiday.

Running On Holiday

I’m guilty as charged for letting runs get pushed down the priority list during the holidays, even on the occasions where the ‘runners’ have been packed. It’s even more tempting to put it off when the weather is too cold/hot, too hungover, or just can’t fit the time in. 

So, keep procrastination at bay with these tips I use to get the runs in whilst away: 

Tip 1: Prepare Your Route

Find a GPX route and upload it to your mobile or watch. GPX files can be sourced from the internet or running apps you may have signed up to. You’ll have a clear idea of where and how long you’ll be out. Make it interesting by hitting ‘Point of Interests’. Ie local monuments, trails, beaches etc.  Alternatively, run with applications that output ‘heat maps’. This tool will reveal routes or paths that are most commonly used by fellow athletes. 

Tip 2: Make it Sociable

Find a local run group through social media or by searching online. You’ll end up making good contacts and also get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local running community. 

Holiday Running Community

Tip 3: Dress and Prepare Sensibly

Prepare for the climate – sun cream, shades and cap if too hot, or more layers if the opposite. Also, be culturally sensitive. For instance, some cultural taboos include tattoos and piercings on show, overly revealing mini tops, political or military patterns etc. 

Tip 4: Don’t Rush It 

Unless you intend on doing a speed session, use the time to saviour and appreciate what’s around you. Too often we rush and miss all the glory that surrounds us in our daily lives. Go early or later in the day to avoid ‘traffic’, there will be fewer obstacles on the run and experiencing that emptiness and eerie feeling is always refreshing. 

Running on the beach

Tip 5: Use a Treadmill

Can’t make it outside? Find a treadmill and set up the Kinni app. Then you can sync up your foot pod and carry on, connected with your favourite apps running apps such Zwift even on a non-Bluetooth treadmill. 

New to NoblePro treadmills? Alan’s got you covered with an introduction here

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