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What are your marathon plans?

I am looking ahead to 2020, and planning lots of adventures. Will you be running a marathon? The marathon is a huge step, and one that many struggle to take. Have confidence, if you want to run a marathon you can, so take that first step. If you are planning a marathon take a look at this blog for a bit of motivation: “So you want to run a Marathon“. If you remember one thing, remember, you can do it.

After a wonderful 2019, pacing 10 marathons, including 4 world marathon majors, I want to make 2020 even better. I want to let everyone know what I’m planning, so you can come and find me on the sub 4 #funbus. I am returning to many of my favourites, I am hoping to return to others, and I have some fantastic new events I will be running and pacing for the first time. I also have a few gaps, so open to suggestions. Take a look at where I will be, are you joining me? Let me know where you are running in 2020.

Tokyo Marathon

I am so pleased to be running the Tokyo Marathon. This will be my 5th star for the World Marathon Majors with only Boston to go. I am unfortunately not able to be an Official Pacer, which I would absolutely love, so instead will see if I can get myself in shape for a faster marathon.

Limassol Marathon

I always love to run Limassol. I have ran the Limassol 3 times already, twice as an official pacer. I return next year to pace the sub 4 #funbus for the 3rd year in a row. I have organised a fantastic pace team for Limassol. Click HERE to read about this years experience.

Rome Marathon

I am so pleased to have been invited to be an official pacer for Rome Marathon. With such iconic sights, in a city I love, I will be taking the sub 4 #funbus to Italy for the first time. Who will be joining me, it would be great to see you there.

Manchester Marathon

I am returning to pace Manchester Marathon for the 4th time. Manchester is a fantastic event, and one I love to be part of. In fact I have had the opportunity to pace both Rotterdam and Paris, which I would love to do, but they clash with Manchester, which I always love to run. You can check out last years review HERE. The course is changing to run through the City centre next year, and I can’t wait to lead the sub 4 #funbus along the new route. You can still enter and be part of the #funbus race within a race, and I have a Facebook group you can join. I am trying to use this as an opportunity to raise money for Samaritans.

Brighton Marathon

I will be pacing Brighton Marathon for the first time, and I am really looking forward to taking the sub 4 #funbus to this event. In my early marathon days this was my most popular event, which I ran 4 times. I really enjoyed the event, however I got fed up with the increasing cost and some organisation issues. 2017 was the last time I ran this event, which you can read HERE. I am looking forward to seeing what it’s like in 2020.

London Marathon

I make no secret that London Marathon is my favourite event, and one I love to run. My first marathon, my PB course and one I’ve paced for 6 years in a row. I really hope to be back in 2020, this event is on my “to be confirmed” list. Fingers crossed I will be back with the sub 4 #funbus, in the meantime this is my review from 2019 HERE.

Liverpool Marathon

Liverpool Marathon is a fantastic event, with a great weekend. The rock n roll series is fantastic for medal lovers, with something for everyone. I will be back for the 5k, to pace the sub 4 #funbus, give a talk at the expo, and walk away with 4 medals. Take a look at last years highlights HERE.

Santa Rosa Ironman

I like to challenge myself to something different in the summer, and I will be taking part in my 5th Ironman. This will be my first Ironman event out of Europe, and I can’t wait. It was bloody expensive booking this, but will be a wonderful family holiday. I don’t care how fast I am, I am very much a completer not a competer. This year I had a tough time (see HERE) so I will be looking to train more to get ready for next year.

Richmond Marathon

I will be kicking off the Autumn season with Richmond Runfest. This was the first year I have ran the marathon and loved the jam packed weekend, you can read about it HERE. I am looking forward to hitting the tow path with the sub 4 #funbus in 2020.

Berlin Marathon

I am pleased to be returning to Berlin Marathon for the 5th year. This will be the 4th year I have paced the sub 4 #funbus, and my review from last year gives you an insight to my weekend (blog HERE). I love this event, it has the busiest feel to any event I’ve ran. It is also relatively cheap and easy to get to, who is with me?

Chicago Marathon

I’m also pleased that I have confirmed my attendance to pace Chicago Marathon for the 3rd year. I had such an amazing experience at Chicago this year, if you get the opportunity then please come and run with me, you will love it. Take a look at this years BLOG, and relive an amazing marathon.


Amsterdam Marathon

I have paced Amsterdam Marathon for the last two years, and really enjoy the event, take a look at this years review HERE. This race is on my “to be confirmed” list, I have the opportunity to pace the sub 4 #funbus again, I just need to work out costs. Who will be there?

New York Marathon

New York Marathon is also on my “to be confirmed” list. This year was a magical experience, and my family loved it in New York. We all want to go back next year, and I’ve told my family that if I get a place again we can go back. Again, if you get the opportunity to run New York, then do it. My review of New York will get you in the mood HERE.


Running Awards

I have been nominated for the 3rd year in a row for Best Blog in the Running Awards. In 2018 I came second, and in 2019 I made the shortlist, but not the top 3. If you think my blog should be up there please click HERE. You will need to set up a password, go to Blog – Personal – Pick up the pace Paul. Thank you for your support.

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Paul Addicott
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