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Virtual Race To The Stones

Over the last few months we have all struggled with a loss of motivation. So when I saw the #VRTTS virtual race to the stones 100k I knew this was a challenge I wanted to be part of. I usually spend my weekends pacing events around the world, so with all the marathon cancellations that motivation has been lacking. I have started to think about why I run, and encourage everyone to “Run for the Love of Running“. Without the events as a goal I have been considering challenges, and what better than a 100k week long challenge. Something I know I can do, but the motivation to keep going.

I decided to spread the event over the week with a 10.5k commute to work, then another 10.5k run home. I began day one with a little bit of a warm up, to try and mirror the start zone of the usual event. This time I did not have any runners with me, instead my boy and a pup trying to attack us.

I have ran 5 Ultra marathons over the last few years. Usually I do one 100k a year, but I didn’t in 2018 as the events clashes with an otherwise busy schedule. In 2017 I took part in Race to the Stones (BLOG), and in 2019 I took part in Race To The Tower (BLOG).

Running over the course of a week reminds me a lot of the atmosphere you can expect from an ultra like RTTS. It’s not all about the speed, it’s ok to walk a bit (or a lot), it’s ok to stop, and it’s ok to break it up. The point is just you against the distance, and keeping on going until you finish.

I always love the social element which is limited with events cancelled. However, it has been great supporting over runners virtually, and I’ve got to engage with lots of people taking on a half, full or 100k distance over the week.

I have personally been struggling with some niggles, so I have taken it easy. I haven’t ran for a month before this event because I’ve been resting, and I am feeling better, but I need to rest some more.

After running 21k a day for 4 days I took Friday off, leaving 16k for Saturday to compete my challenge. I decided to make sure I did a little jump during the final day as I have with every other Ultra. It is sad I cannot run #RTTS this year, as I was planning on running this or Race to the King. But it is lovely that I was able to complete this virtual challenge.

Have you been doing this challenge or have you set yourself some other challenges? Let me know how you go on???

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Paul Addicott
Paul Addicott
Pacer – 72 and counting. Motivator. Running blog award winner. Iron Man.

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