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Treadmills and football

Our ambassador Kieran, wanted to share with you how running helps him with playing football and vice-versa and what it is like to juggle two sports!

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kieran… founder of the kilometre club and semi-professional footballer for Bala Town in the Welsh Premier League.

A very keen runner and a very keen footballer too, you’re probably thinking… how do you juggle both?! I often do too!

My love for running (despite my manager thinking it is a hindrance) has definitely helped me on the football pitch. I play central midfield so, having endurance, stamina and the ability to sprint repeatedly are essential attributes. 

Football vs Running

During a football match, I tend to cover around 11km on average. In my head I think if I can run half marathons and marathons away from football, match days should be no drama at all. 

Don’t get me wrong, my technical ability probably is not as good as some of my teammates and opposition players but if I can outrun them or sprint past them in the latter stages of the game then that’s only going to help me and my team. I don’t think there are many players in my league that could compete with my running ability or match my running achievements. 

I run regularly between football, yet I have to adapt my running depending on our fixture list. We usually play our matches on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon so, I typically try and get a longer, slower run in on a Sunday (aiming to keep the HR low after an intense match).

In between training and matches, I like to try and fit in some faster work that keeps the legs sharp but isn’t too taxing on the body. For example, 5-6k progression runs or 10-15 x 30 second sprints with 30 seconds recovery (I tend to do this on the NoblePro Treadmill so that I can manage the speed and pre-set the workout beforehand using the Kinni app). 

I always like to have a complete day off the day before a match; maybe a little sauna/swim and/or a dog walk to preserve energy stores. 


During the off-season, this I can concentrate solely on running and tend to enter some races/events in these summer months. My most recent race was Edinburgh marathon which I completed in May 2022 in a time of 2:53. 

After my football career finishes, I plan on ramping up the running even more and have aspirations of running all 6 major marathons as well as others abroad. 

For now though, I have learnt how to juggle my love for running and football and will keep doing this until the enjoyment wears off!

Thanks for reading, 


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Founder of the kilometre club, based in Chester.

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