I’ve not always been blind

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I thought I would introduce myself and give you some background information about me. Hopefully it will give you a bit of context for future blogs. So this isn’t going to be all about running and some of it is a bit heavy – but it’s my story and I’ve been honest.

Your race was cancelled? Stay Calm, stay positive -tips to keep your training going.

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There is something at the moment on the news and around the world that we can’t escape – that of course is the Coronavirus. This virus has caused chaos around the world, with countries struggling to control this and some countries even going into a lockdown. Many events so far have been cancelled, clubs postponing training until further notice and so on. It is tough times…


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For the last year these words have been an aspiration of mine, and now I can proudly say “I am an IRONMAN “. Many of us talk about the sacrifice the family make for us to become an Ironman, and this is something I really appreciate of my family. I have not done the level of training traditionally required for … Read More


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SUB 3 HOUR MARATHON TRAINING DIARY – WEEK 14 When I trained for my first 10k years back, I couldn’t run a quarter mile without stopping repeatedly, wheezing out of breath. This week I hit two landmark achievements: I hit my first 90 mile week; I ran a 81:45 minute Half Marathon PB in training. This wouldn’t had been possible … Read More