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Race Across Scotland – 215 Mile Ultra. Course Record

Adam Holland took on “one heck of an adventure”  – The Race Across Scotland 215 mile ultra. A remarkable and unique coast-to-coast race following the beautiful ‘Southern Upland Way with support across Scotland (6th Edition).

An international field of runners took on this breathtaking Scottish National trail which runs from the coastline of Portpatrick, over the mountains, along the valleys, through the forests of the Southern Uplands, and along trails steeped in history. The race had live online GPS tracking and runners were allowed up to 100 hours to complete this ‘landmark’ single stage race.

Race Across Scotland – 215 Mile Ultra. Follow Adam Along

32 miles in  – walking most of the hills. Feeling good but the water bladder has been leaking and Adam has very little water left, but it’s not hot.

3rd checkpoint – now the crew can help. An outfit change and refill of water bladders and the course is still enjoyable

11 hours on the road, it’s 5 pm and Adam had hoped that he wouldn’t feel tired until 9 pm but it’s starting to hit already. Just keep moving forward. Crew members are drafted in to provide food and water sooner than the checkpoint which helps but he’s still feeling it.

Cows and bulls in a field can be scary!

10.30 pm and the stars are out. 76 miles on the tracker and he’s still going.

It’s Sunday, 24 hours in and 96 miles covered. The sun is rising and Adam has managed a 30-minute kip in a ‘rabbit hole’. It’s a bit wet and but Adam’s crew are ready to provide fresh shoes.

100 Miles into the 215 Mile Ultra

100 miles done and ready for some flatter terrain so he can get running again.

There were a couple of steep sessions … and there are more to come. It’s getting pretty hilly.

At the highest point now, you can’t even see where Adam has come from as the clouds are below. Time for a selfie!

The second night in and Adam’s friend Woody who was ahead of him has injured himself so has now dropped back. Adam has a small niggle but at 7.30 pm on the second day, he’s run 144 miles and only had 40 minutes of sleep in total.

Monday morning. Trackers are no longer working so no one knows where anyone is. Adam tried to sleep at the last checkpoint and the first lady came through. Only about 47 miles left.

Only One Marathon Left in the Race Across Scotland

The final marathon. In the last 2 days, 4 hours Adam has run 7 marathons and has one left to finish, hopefully well within the next 9 hours. The lead lady is about 2 hours behind. Adam Jackson has been crewing all the way around and has been serving Adam Holland brilliantly.

Adam says goodbye to Watch Water Reservoir and is too busy moving forward to realise he’s passed the 200-mile mark. Not long now and it’s sunny and warm.

He’s almost made it and it’s time to find the finish line!


Adam Holland completes the Race Across Scotland 215 mile ultra in a course record of 60 hours 14 minutes

22:30 onwards – post race interview with advice for anyone who wants to attempt the race

Adam wins the race across scotland

Adam also runs marathons and 5ks. See more of his exploits here:

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Adam Tango Holland
Adam Tango Holland
Extreme endurance runner. Completed John O’ Groats to Lands End. Multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

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