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Great Link Tor Flyer – Fell Race

The Prequel

The adult course took place in Gt Nodden, Great Links Tor and Brat tors. There were also two junior races before the adults race and I helped marshall for the youngest runners stationing myself at the turnaround point for them. They had a fantastic view at the top of the course and it was great to watch them run up toward me and go flying back down the hill.

The Race

I knew before the start of my race I would find it a little bit difficult going up the hill- more mentally than physically. We had the perfect weather for running not much wind and a little bit of sunshine.
The route started and finished at the Fox and Hounds Hotel near Lydford.
The race is called ‘the flyer’ as the descent may be the closest thing a runner comes to flying – of course everything that comes down must first go up !?

Great to see lots of familiar faces at the start. As we set off, I tried to not go too quick and stayed with Floyd. After half a mile it was just the three of us upfront. As we got closer to the 1 mile, I moved to the side to let Andrew pass me. I dropped back a little as we hit the top of this section, we went down a little hill before we started climbing again all the way up to almost 4 miles. On the way up there was a cow on the path, so I decided to walk past it as I think it was pregnant and I didn’t want to scare it. I could see behind me that the next runner was quite far back and the two in front had a gap on me, so I was hoping I could catch them on the downhill.

As I started going down the hill it was quite rocky underfoot so I didn’t get the pace I wanted to start off with, but as the rocks disappeared I soon found my speed increased and the gap closed. As we got to the 5 mile point, I could see the flags to the right but the two in front of me didn’t see the right hand turn. I shouted to them but only Andrew heard me.

I continued on the route and ran with Andrew but I felt bad because I was now ahead of Floyd and if he hadn’t gone wrong I’m not sure I’d have caught him before the finish.

I was still feeling pretty good towards the end and took the lead but I said I wouldn’t finish in front of either of them. As I turned the corner for the finish, I started walking and Andrew came in behind me- also not wanting to finish in front to me. At the finish line we were asked to cross so I was 1st to finish with Andrew finishing right behind me. Less than a minute later Floyd appeared to finish 3rd. He was very good about the situation. Course was about 10k and I completed it in 40:53 minutes.

Well done to everyone that completed the course- as it’s not one of the easiest!
Thanks to the team for putting on such a great event and I look forward to next year’s series.

This event was hosted by Tavistock Athletic Club and Tamar Trail Runners

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Adam Tango Holland
Adam Tango Holland
Extreme endurance runner. Completed John O’ Groats to Lands End. Multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

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