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What Does Zone 2 Training Do for You?

What are the benefits of zone 2 training? Yiannis explains…

Zone 2 Helps With Fuelling

Zone 2 is a low heartrate zone. This kind of low effort training burns fat and then carbs. The longer and slower you are running or cycling and the lower your heart rate is, the less your body will burn carbs. This in turn will teach your body to burn fat. Training your body like this helps because you will run out of carbohydrate energy stores less easily, which is what causes the “wall”.

Zone 2 Helps With Recovery

Zone 1 and 2 training doesn’t break your body down in the same way as harder efforts. It should always keep below your aerobic threshold. Because you don’t break muscle down you can recover more quickly and can therefore run the next day as well and can go harder at the session. This will lead to more efficient and effective training.

So, zone 2 helps with recovery, stops muscle breakdown, allows for better training.

Work out your zones once you have your heart rate max:

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Yiannis Christodoulou
Yiannis Christodoulou
European and National Aquathlon age group champion.

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