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Remember Why You Started!

Can You Remember Why You Started?

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, it’s important to take time to remind yourself why you started. There may come a season when you struggle in your races/training and those personal bests won’t come as easy.

For the Joy

I took up running because I was inspired by the 2012 Olympic games to stop being lazy and get fit. As soon as I started running I loved it and it led me down the path to multisport. For me, it’s all about enjoying training. When I don’t enjoy it anymore I will stop.

If training becomes a chore you may just burn out and give up and may never return to it. I enjoy my sport because I race and train in beautiful places that I would not have visited (or known about) had it not been for the races. There’s nothing like running in the countryside.

Fitness and Mental Health

Taking up a sport can come with many benefits. Maybe you remember that you started to gain fitness, but have found that it is also very beneficial to your mental health. That’s particularly important these days.  My mental health has suffered for various reasons, with COVID being a big factor. I won’t say much more as it’s very personal to me, but I have found that if I am having a bad day or stressed, there is nothing better than going out for a run or even a walk to help me relax. It really does help a lot and keeps you fit at the same time.

Look Back at Where You’ve Come From

When things aren’t great (perhaps in a training session or a race), I find that having a way to pick yourself back up is important. I always look back when things don’t go right and consider how far I have come. For example, if I don’t have a great swim in a race and I am disappointed, I move on quickly and remind myself that when I first started to swim in 2012 I couldn’t even get to the end of a pool. It’s easy to get stuck in the present but remind yourself now and again of your journey to this point and that will help.

Remember Why You Started and Keep Moving Forward

I hope you found this blog interesting. Do take time to remind yourself why you started your sport because if you don’t you will just give up. Sometimes it can feel challenging but keep moving forward and when you do look back, you will realise how far you have come.

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Yiannis Christodoulou
Yiannis Christodoulou
European and National Aquathlon age group champion.

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