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Get Started with NoblePro

So you’re probably wondering, how do I get started with NoblePro? I have written down some of my key learning points on setting up the Elite E8i treadmill so feel free to use this as a checklist!


Why get a treadmill?

Treadmills: I know what some of you are thinking: “it’s not like real running outdoors” or “I get bored easily”. These were my thoughts exactly before –  as a ‘purist’ I would always walk past the treadmills in the gym uninterested.  Now I’m a treadmill convert. Having a tool that allows me get the balance of family and training under one roof has definitely changed my snobby attitude.

Covid restrictions and the increase in working from home means a lot more fathers are becoming “SSAHD” (Semi Stay At Home Dads). After becoming a new Dad recently, the introduction of a NoblePro Elite E8i Treadmill to my training has been a very welcome change. It has allowed me to spend more time with the little humanoid without having to venture too far or long periods away from home. 

Get started with NoblePro

Here are some tips to help you get started with NoblePro and overcome the “dreadmill’ mentality. 

  1. Location

    The kit weighs in at 135kg. Make sure you have an appropriate place to home your treadmill. Factors to consider are: accessibility for future maintenance, climate of the room, floor load bearing, noise.

  2. Music to run to

    The interface has Spotify built in. However, the onboard audio isn’t the best as the sound of the treadmill can be over bearing. Options for better sound are –  the 3.5mm jack or stream audio to your favourite Bluetooth headset through an external Bluetooth dongle.

  3. Zwift makes the miles fly by

    Treadmill doesn’t have to be dreadmill. Gamification is one way to keep things interesting. Zwift is great for this and Bluetooth enabled devices will sync seamlessly to the treadmill.

  4. The App adds value

    Preset workouts and custom workouts are accessible through the ‘NoblePro Go’ App. There are 12 programmes that includes “Fat Burning”, “Intervals”, “Incline Training”

    NoblePro Go app

  5. Lubricate!

    The treadmill comes with a lubricant for maintenance of the running belt. Under normal use, you should run the lubricant every 3 months or 40 hours of use. Remember, look after your kit and your kit will look after you.

  6. Boxsets and more

    The Elite E8i screen interface comes pre-installed with Spotify and Netflix as well as other entertainment apps. These link to your accounts therefore you’ll be able to access your playlists, favourite shows etc.

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