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Why Kinni is all you need by Paul Navesey

Picture this. You have a treadmill or maybe you are in a hotel gym after a day of work. You are stood there looking at the options. Is it in miles or kilometres? Can I set up a workout? How do I even start this thing? Does it have my chosen popular online streaming service?!

Treadmills are a fantastic device. Whether this is to avoid extreme weather, fit in your workout on a time crunched schedule, keep your training on track whilst travelling or just to ensure you hit those splits. You can add to that convenience by setting up your run session in advance!

I have been using the Kinni app for a while and it is a great tool that turns the dial up on convenience. I am in the fortunate position to have my NoblePro treadmill just a short walk from my back door and I know that is the only additional time I need to consider when getting my workout in.

As well as a library of pre-built workouts it also has an easy-to-use workout builder. If you are very creative and quickly expand your library, you can favourite those go to workouts.

Within the library, you can easily customise the time or pace of workouts as you progress.

If you want something really new and different, build your workout over your morning coffee so, when the times comes to run, you are already set.

Trainers on, towel at the ready, choose your workout, scan for your treadmill and hit GO! Your task now is quite simple, if not easy. Just keep running. With all pace changes and gradient taken care of, you can give as much attention to the TV series you can’t get enough of, as well as your effort, whilst you run. Personally, I have a particular draw to anything by Brian Cox. However, quantum mechanics baffles me at the best of times so, maybe I am a little optimistic trying to follow it mid-workout. I do like the space pictures though!

Anyway, back to your training! Kinni shows you an array of data on your current split and a little heads up of what is coming your way next. Once you finish all the phases and come to a stop you will get an overall summary of the run.

So, whether you are avoiding a storm, don’t like that dark, travelling or just want to know you are getting it right. Take the ease of use to the next level by having a vast array of workouts in your pocket!

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Paul Navesey
Paul Navesey
Hampshire based endurance athlete and coach.

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