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Training over Christmas with Holly Rush

Holly has shared her best tips for running over Christmas. You won’t want to miss this, we will definitely be taking these on board!
Christmas can be a time when people undo all the hard work they’ve put in over the rest of the year and also when good food and exercise habits tend to go out of the window.
It doesn’t need to be like that though. You can still enjoy yourself, eat delicious food, drink alcohol, take part in all of the festive activities and keep your fitness goals on track.
10 top tips for training through the festive period:

Train in the morning: there is nothing worse than procrastinating all day and leaving your run or workout to the very end of the day. I am more likely to just bin the run and then I feel rubbish because I didn’t get out early. I think this is especially true during the Christmas holidays. Getting your run in first thing means you have the rest of your day to enjoy family time and all the food!

Get the family involved: why not set a treadmill challenge for all the family to get involved in. Aim to collectively climb the height of Everest over the Christmas week or 12 days of Christmas?

Train with a friend: having a training buddy that you arrange to meet with really does make you get out the door when you are struggling to motivate yourself. Knowing someone else is on their way to run will give you that kick up the bum to get out the door. Plus running with someone else makes the time fly by.

Home workouts: There are so many great punchy sessions you can do on the treadmill over Christmas that wont take up too much time. Try 10-15 x 1 min fast/1 min jog or 5/4/3/2/1 min pyramids with half the time recovery jog. 

Check out the Kinni app for some great workouts and inspiration!


Take a deload week: One strategy is to take it easy (well, easier). A deload is a planned decrease in training volume  that gives your muscles and nervous system a break from more intense training. Typically, a deload will last a week. Keep the frequency if you can but just reduce the volume of each run and make any speed sessions shorter. Therefore you will have more time to spend with the family.

Make a plan: Christmas is the time of year where things at work quieten down and aside from social commitments, you often have more free time. Look at your schedule in the lead up to Christmas and see where you can get workouts in. If you’re heading away from home, have a look at local gyms, or make sure you pack your gym clothes to go on a run / do an activity.

Mix it up: Find new routes, get off road, try a parkrun or even find a festive race to enter.

Enjoy yourself: At the end of the day, Christmas should be a time for you to enjoy food and drink with family and friends so, keep a healthy relationship with food and don’t over think it. Sometimes there are more important things in life than abs!

Relax the plan: Don’t be afraid to take a few days off over Christmas, it wont make any difference to your fitness, in fact it may just help. 

Ask for running related Christmas presents!!!

Thanks Holly for sharing your top tips, we are all definitely more ready for Christmas!

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Holly Rush
Holly Rush
GB Marathon/Ultra Runner Team Silver European Champs & World Mountain Champs 8th Commonwealth Games ASICS UK FrontRunner Manager Marathon Talk Podcast Co Host Coach

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