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Get faster in 20 minutes!

Getting faster has never been easier with a NoblePro treadmill! Forget missing key training sessions or building up your fitness towards your goals, because with 20 minutes spare you can achieve more than you think!

Handy tips to get faster in <20 minutes
  • Do a shorter but progressively faster warm up

If you usually do a 2 mile warm up at a slow jogging pace, swap this for a 1 mile warm up but progressing the pace throughout the mile to finish at a slighter faster pace.

  • Keep the recoveries shorter

If you are doing a harder or faster session, taking 15-30 seconds off your recoveries in between Splits can help save time. It might make the paces slightly slower or harder to reach at the end of the run, but the same fitness gains are made! Nothing good ever came easy right 😉

  • Add strides onto easy runs

At the end of a short easy run, at 6 x 50m strides. Strides are controlled, faster efforts at a pace you can maintain strong running form with static 90 seconds recoveries to help improve running form and efficiency. Tip: just step onto the side of the treadmill so you don’t need to adjust the pace!

  • Tempo/Threshold runs

Tempo/Threshold pace (70% max effort) is the effort you should be able to sustain for an hour but when training you normally run at this pace for shorter bouts of effort to build your threshold. Simply: run at this pace for 20 minutes to help build you aerobic capacity, quickly!

  • Quality over quantity

As long as you are consistent with running for 20 minutes reguarly, you will get fitter and faster! 20 quality minutes, is key for progress! Obviously there are cases where this doesn’t apply! For example, training for a marathon you will need to run a lot more in order to cover the distance come race day.

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