Physio Mike talks about how treadmills help your running recovery after injury

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Injury Management and Using a Treadmill in Recovery

Injuries and niggles are always an unwelcome presence in any athlete’s journey, always popping up at the worst possible time.  It is important to use each of these as an opportunity to learn from every injury.  Sometimes they are unavoidable, particularly traumatic injuries such as those pesky rocks or pot holes.  However, the majority of injuries are simply down to … Read More

Matterhorn Ultraks Sky Race

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The Matterhorn Ultraks Sky Race (49km) started at 0700 on Saturday 27th August. It went straight up from Zermatt (1600m) to Sunnegga (2260m) in 7km. There was a brief respite from ascending before climbing again to Gornergrat (3130m) covering 15km in total to get this point and 2.5hrs of running! Well, I say running I mean hands-on knees hiking! I … Read More

How to Race 4 Marathons in 4 Weeks

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Nick Bester

How to race 4 marathons in four weeks? The answer is simple – it’s impossible! However, racing and running marathons are two very different things. In just a few weeks, I will be running 4 marathons in 4 weeks: Berlin Marathon: 25 th September. Sub 2:20 target!! London Marathon: 2 nd October. Pacing sub 2:38 bus! Chicago Marathon: 9 th … Read More

Combining Cross-Training with Running

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Do you want to train more whilst building your running volume gradually? Do you want to run more but can’t? Do you want to run faster but want variety in your training plan? Combining cross-training with running might be the answer! What is Cross Training? Cross-training is adding another type of exercise to your routine so that you continue to … Read More

5 Tips for Training While on Holiday

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Running on the beach

School’s out, which seems timely given that the world is just slowly opening back up for business. Perhaps you’re making up for the loss of travel abroad during the global pandemic? Here are my 5 tips for training while on holiday. I’m guilty as charged for letting runs get pushed down the priority list during the holidays, even on the … Read More

Welsh Castles Relay and Trail Half Marathon Wales

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Over two weeks Russell Bentley takes on the chaotic Welsh Castles Relay and races over the trails for a win in Coed Y Brenin at the Trail Half Marathon Wales. Weslh Castles Relay The Welsh Castles Relay is a 209 mile, 2 day race from Caernarfon Castle, North Wales, down to Cardiff Castle. 20 runners in a team, each covering … Read More