Adam Holland – Q&A

Adam Tango HollandAthletes Content, Running, Training

Today we interview Noble-Pro and Kinni ambassador, Adam Tango Holland. Adam has achieved some astonishing results and milestones this year, which we’re sure you’ll agree will help encourage all to set a higher bar for next year’s challenges! Adam, what are your key achievements and milestones this year? I’ve done 10 marathons in 10 days three times this year. The … Read More

Training over Christmas with Holly Rush

Holly RushAthletes Content, Running, Training

Holly has shared her best tips for running over Christmas. You won’t want to miss this, we will definitely be taking these on board! Christmas can be a time when people undo all the hard work they’ve put in over the rest of the year and also when good food and exercise habits tend to go out of the window. It doesn’t … Read More

Sally Brider – Q&A

Sally BriderAthletes Content, Running, Training

Our ambassador SALLY BRIDER.. has sat down with our team to answer some of your want-to-know questions! How, when and why did you get into running? I came to running later in life (after battling the menopause), completing my first marathon in April 2017 at age 53. My husband had run the London Marathon in 2016 and had signed up … Read More

Physio Mike talks about how treadmills help your running recovery after injury

Michael WilsmoreAthletes Content, Health & Injuries, Running, Training, Treadmill

Injury Management and Using a Treadmill in Recovery

Injuries and niggles are always an unwelcome presence in any athlete’s journey, always popping up at the worst possible time.  It is important to use each of these as an opportunity to learn from every injury.  Sometimes they are unavoidable, particularly traumatic injuries such as those pesky rocks or pot holes.  However, the majority of injuries are simply down to … Read More