5 Tips for the Dragon’s Back Race

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I’ve read everyone else’s tips on how to ‘slay the dragon’. Here are my 5 tips for anyone attempting the Dragon’s Back Race. I haven’t seen these anywhere else, so hopefully, they bring something new. Tryfan, Welsh for ‘Absolute Bastard!’ – Matt Whyman The goal of this post is to take one Dragon’s Back hopeful (could it be you?), who … Read More

The Alpha Male Tale – Goucher v Songok

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There’s book which was never written, but the colourful protagonists and their adventures would make easy writing. It’s called The Alpha Male Tale – Goucher  v  Songok. I have just finished reading Running With The Buffaloes, which followed a team of university athletes for a season as they trained for the USA Cross Country team title (they came 3rd). I … Read More

A Re-Born, Naked Runner

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Rachel Ann Cullen, author of Running For My Life, writes… For the last six months, I have run entirely without a watch. No Strava; no HR monitor; no mile splits; no intermittent beeping or less-than-encouraging messages from an electronic device on my wrist informing me that I am ‘underperforming’. I am a re-born, naked runner. Why Naked? Why? It’s a … Read More

Isaac Songok And The Bull

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When I first stayed with Brother Colm O’Connell in 2001, he had yet to cement his now legendary status as a coach. His stable of athletes at the time were drifting a bit. The Chirchir brothers (Cornelius and William), very talented but easily distracted, would often disappear for long periods. They never fulfilled their potential. Brother’s main sponsor died unexpectedly, … Read More

Jo Meek and the Bob Graham Round

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Setting off from Moot Hall in Keswick to attempt the Bob Graham Round in under 24 hours filled me with fear. I was not underestimating this run. The Bob Graham Round is the epitome of fell running challenges: 65miles/ 105km with 28000ft/ 8300m of elevation. Planning the Round There were to be 4 runners from Devon trying to complete it, … Read More

Brathay 10 Marathons in 10 Days – Day 4

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Hi everyone! It’s the Brathay 10 in 10 marathons – day 4. Time to head down for breakfast. Video of runner briefing  Adam chats to Malcolm Collins  [1:19] Malcolm: Today is my 100th lap of the lake including individual races, the 10 in 10, training runs etc Adam: Any favourite bits? Malcolm: Mile 9 and 10 has a nice sloping … Read More

Transition Week ™

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It’s Transition Week ™ in Russell’s training… and apparently in his mind too! Nina is my Editor in Chief, and when I sat her down to read the first draft of my Wrexham Marathon writeup, the conversation went something like this: Well, what do you think? Honestly? It’s boring. I’ve just got to tell you, using my words to process … Read More