Pacing an American Record at the Chicago Marathon by Jonny Mellor

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Our ambassador, Jonny Mellor was at the 2022 edition of the Chicago Marathon and even though he wasn’t racing himself, he was pacing a fellow team mate to what turned out to be an American Record!Here he tells us about his experience!  “I was privileged to be given the opportunity to pace fellow Team New Balance athlete Emily Sisson at the … Read More

Running as a blind runner with Mark Ellis

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If you are looking for an inspirational story, our ambassador, Mark Ellis, provides one! Blind from birth, Mark discovered a love of running when his school took him to the athletics stadium in Hillsborough; a coach experienced in working with blind children inspired him to start 100m sprints. As he approached 13 years of age, he started racing 200m. There … Read More

XXII Commonwealth Games Ultra

Jo MeekAthletes Content, Runner's Stories

I was working as a Physio at a British Gymnastics event when I got recruited to work at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) as a Venue Medical Manager (VMM). It was a chance job offer after someone had dropped out and I readily accepted it even with only 3 weeks to go. What an opportunity! They wanted me for 3 weeks … Read More

Reporter – Commonwealth Games Athletics

Gill BlandAthletes Content, Runner's Stories, Running

Having a major sporting event on our doorstep was always going to be exciting. I applied some time ago to be part of the ‘Commonwealth Collective’ and was given the role of Flash Quote Reporter –  Commonwealth Games Athletics. As an aspiring writer and running geek, I don’t think I could have asked for a better posting. What is a … Read More

Running Through the Menopause

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Let me start by saying that every woman’s experience of the menopause (and running through it) will be different. Some women are lucky enough to sail through it and hardly notice the changes to their bodies. Others experience severe symptoms which can make daily life a challenge. Sadly, I fell into the latter category and faced it full-on, rather like … Read More

5 Tips for the Dragon’s Back Race

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I’ve read everyone else’s tips on how to ‘slay the dragon’. Here are my 5 tips for anyone attempting the Dragon’s Back Race. I haven’t seen these anywhere else, so hopefully, they bring something new. Tryfan, Welsh for ‘Absolute Bastard!’ – Matt Whyman The goal of this post is to take one Dragon’s Back hopeful (could it be you?), who … Read More

The Alpha Male Tale – Goucher v Songok

Russell BentleyAthletes Content, Races, Runner's Stories, Running

There’s book which was never written, but the colourful protagonists and their adventures would make easy writing. It’s called The Alpha Male Tale – Goucher  v  Songok. I have just finished reading Running With The Buffaloes, which followed a team of university athletes for a season as they trained for the USA Cross Country team title (they came 3rd). I … Read More