How much does your athletic identity define you?

Rhiannon NaveseyAthletes Content, Health & Injuries

Our ambassador Rhiannon Navesey.. is such an inspiration in so many ways and has shared with us some insight on athletic identity. Rihannon is a middle-distance athlete on the comeback from several years of injury. Also, a clinical psychologist passionate about supporting young people to see their true potential. Athletic identity, and self-worth As an athlete you are always striving … Read More

Physio Mike talks about how treadmills help your running recovery after injury

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Injury Management and Using a Treadmill in Recovery

Injuries and niggles are always an unwelcome presence in any athlete’s journey, always popping up at the worst possible time.  It is important to use each of these as an opportunity to learn from every injury.  Sometimes they are unavoidable, particularly traumatic injuries such as those pesky rocks or pot holes.  However, the majority of injuries are simply down to … Read More

Running Through the Menopause

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Let me start by saying that every woman’s experience of the menopause (and running through it) will be different. Some women are lucky enough to sail through it and hardly notice the changes to their bodies. Others experience severe symptoms which can make daily life a challenge. Sadly, I fell into the latter category and faced it full-on, rather like … Read More

Better Than Yesterday

Yiannis ChristodoulouAthletes Content, Health & Injuries, Running, Training

Had a bad race? Frustrated with training? Athletes strive to be their best, but that’s not possible all the time. What we must aim for is to be better than yesterday.  The route to success is rarely a straight line. When obstacles appear, it is how you overcome them that is important. Chase Yesterday Whatever your sport or standard, the … Read More

Movement and Mental Health

Yiannis ChristodoulouAthletes Content, Health & Injuries, Runner's Stories, Running

Our mental health is important. Thankfully this is becoming more widely acknowledged, along with the understanding that “it’s ok to not be ok”. One proactive thing we can do is to use movement to bolster our mental health. Working Towards a Sound Mind and Body I have had problems with my mental health in the past two years. The mind … Read More