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Zwift Academy Baseline 5km Run with Adam ‘Tango’ Holland


Come and join Adam Holland for the start Zwift Academy with a Baseline run 5km.

Follow Adam on his journey to be a part of the Zwift Academy run team, he will be running a 5K baseline run on Monday 4th October and streaming it live directly to his Youtube channel!

Today Adam will set a benchmark time with his initial 5k Baseline run. Then at the end of the ZA Academy Run program, you compare your result to the baseline at the start. Feel free to use Adam’s progress to track your own times, do the same workouts he does and see how much you improve in 8 weeks!

Zwift Academy is an 8-week run program featuring eight unique workouts plus a 5k Baseline and Finish Line run. These events were designed to provide the tools to get after your training goals, whatever they may be. For a detailed program overview, see

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Adam Tango Holland
Adam Tango Holland
Extreme endurance runner. Completed John O’ Groats to Lands End. Multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

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