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Misano Marathon 58km Race Recap


Running long distances is always a mental battle, but this was something I wasn’t ready for…

The night before was the Super Club Italian (100 marathon club) presentation evening and it was fantastic to see so many people there. We had a really great meal and then I  headed back to my hotel. 


I had my kit ready on the side and as soon as I woke up, I gathered everything I needed, went down to breakfast and grabbed a croissant. I started walking to the event but then I got picked up on the way so I managed to get there a little sooner. It was absolutely amazing to see so many people, as it’s been a while since I’ve been to a big event like this. 

at the start line

Just before the start, I sorted out some of my drinks and nutrition. I had two bottles of water which I added my Precision Hydration fuel gel into and also on the course a gel and chews. One bottle at the start and the other halfway on the course (plan was to start using that one after 13 miles). 

I was proud to be on the start-line wearing my new Orkney Athletic vest although, it was a little cold, it wasn’t too bad. After the countdown in Italian, we were off!! I actually forgot that people were running different distances and realised when I noticed the different coloured bib numbers. I tucked in behind the leading group, but after a mile, I decided not to try and keep with them as it was a pretty fast pace. 

First lap done!

After completing the first lap I knew what the course was like so just another 14 to go! 

It didn’t take long to catch the tail of the event as there were a lot of people walking. I followed another runner around the next lap then quickly stopped for a drink as I went across the line. Then 2 runners passed me which I thought was really weird that they caught me so quickly and I tucked in behind them. 

It didn’t feel like they were going any faster than me. First two bends were not a problem but on the next big bend there were some runners going round it. 

All three of them decided to go on the inside and run on the green track I couldn’t do that, as I felt that it would be cheating and stayed on the course. 

As we got around the bend they gained a 5 person gap between me and them. I was able to close the gap and stay behind the group again. Then, we came to another really big bend, which they could’ve easily stayed on the course but they went on the green bit again. I still stayed on the road. 

Big gaps appearing..

This time the gap was even bigger and I didn’t try to close the gap or I would’ve had to have worked harder. I stuck to my pace carried on with another two laps and again a couple more people passed me by running on the green part of the track. 

At this point, I started playing head games with myself, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to catch them if they continue doing that for the rest of the race. Going round my 6th lap and still staying strong, I think there was only one person doing the same distance as me that was ahead of me at this point. 

However, I went to get some of my drink, as I went round the lap and it was gone! That’s when my mind kind of just snapped. I carried on round completing the lap which was a half marathon distance. 

I grabbed my drink then carried on for about a mile and then when someone passed me on the green section I just decided I would walk for a bit. I completely lost focus and then my speed as well. 

After completing that lap, I grab my T-shirt and did some more walking near to the finish of that lap. Soon, I got running again, grabbed my drink and then put my jacket on and decided that I would run at a steady pace. It was actually quite cold on one section of the course when the wind was blowing and the sun had disappeared. 

After my 9th lap I quickly had to leave the course for a toilet break and then rejoined to carry on with what I was doing. I had no idea what position I was in and my main goal was to finish. 

Last lap!

With the last lap to go, I stopped for a minute or to grab some other food had some drink (Coca-Cola was available). Then, I went out to complete my 15th and final lap. I picked up the pace a little towards the end but nothing special. I was really happy to cross the line. I wasn’t downhearted with the result as I knew it was my decision. 

You may ask, why didn’t I want to run on the green part of the track? 

The last thing I want is someone turning around and saying I’m cheating (not saying running on the green was cheating but I don’t speak Italian so I don’t know what was said beforehand!) as it’s my reputation on the line. 


Just to give you an idea what it was like if you’ve run on an athletics track – they were in lane 1 and I’m running in lane 3 or even 4. 

My finishing time was 5:20:30. 


As I was eating my cheese and ham roll and chatting to some of the other runners I was actually surprised to be called up to the podium as I won 3rd senior male. I was pretty chuffed about that!! 

I stayed around to see some of the other runners finishing and had some photos. The event was amazing with the amount of people that were there, A fantastic course, Great food and drink available and lots of happy and cheerful people.

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Adam Tango Holland
Adam Tango Holland
Extreme endurance runner. Completed John O’ Groats to Lands End. Multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

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