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10 Marathons in 10 Days with Adam Holland

Adam ‘Tango’ Holland is about to take on the Brathay 10 Marathons in 10 days.

I’m back in Windermere and I’ve been checking out the course. You may recognise this bridge if you’re a 10 in 10 runner or you’ve done the marathon – it’s the last bit before the finish.

[1:11] I’ve got all these emotions and feelings from when I did this eight years ago – crazy! I’m really excited. And I can’t wait.

Brathay HQ

Adam heads to race HQ

[2:14] Everyone’s just in there eating. I’ve eaten. This is what I’ve had <shows food>  and maybe a second helping! There is the official finish. We’ll be getting our photos there before we head out. It’s all a little exciting right now. I’m heading back to the room now because I’m going to get my drinks bottles ready and then take them back down to the course – which I’ll show you in a second. Before we had our food we had our race meeting, going through everything and making sure we know what’s what – numbers, timing chips, dibbers, all the information.

Adam shows where he is staying

Check it out – this is where I’m living for the next 10 days. I’m going to give you a very quick run around. This is the front room with my snacks – I’m going to go open this box later as my wife’s sent me a surprise.
This is the kitchen. Upstairs are three bedrooms plus showers bathroom, and this is my room.

[3:27] As you can see, I’ve started setting up and getting some of my clothes dry. Here are my shoes and the bed where I’ll be relaxing later!

Getting Ready for the Week

[3:42] Alright, let’s get down there. Here are all my bottles. Here’s my race numbers and my tags. Okay, let’s go
Bottles at the ready for the checkpoints. I’ve put mine all in the left hand corner. There are numbers one to seven  – doesn’t say the mileage on it, but I know roughly. And then I have my three gels which are also put out individually.

Other runners arrive

Here are some of the people that have done it before. And when I did it, I was the 17th person to finish, because Leon beat me to the finish line on the last day so that I could finish with Tim and Steve together which has that fantastic photo.

[4:48] Here are the overall times and as you can see, I have the first third and fourth fastest time and my aim is to top that and get faster than this overall time. Hopefully all 10 sub three hours.
Another cool fact  – whoever finishes the 10 in 10 this time around first will be the 200th overall finisher. <shows records> and here are some of the records.

[5:32] So, I’m almost finished. I found one of the old tags I had from 2014 or  maybe 2010. My new tag number is already on my vest for the morning.

The Box of Joy

Adam opens his box of goodies
My wife has sent a surprise – let’s find out what it is. Adam finds all sorts of treats and goodies and a card from his wife
[7:07] I love you too – I’m missing my kids already and it’s not even the first day. This is the prep day the day before the big day. You can already see how much work goes into it. The travel, the meeting up, the information. Tomorrow when we start this marathon, that’s the main journey.
Let’s get this rolling.

10 in 10

You can follow Adam’s journey through 10 marathons in 10 days here

Day 1 – 2:48:39
Day 2 – 2:59:24
Day 3 – 2:57:31
Day 4 – 2:47:22
Day 5 – 2:57:10
Day 6 – 2:57:33

Read about Adam’s 215mile adventure in Scotland here

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Adam Tango Holland
Adam Tango Holland
Extreme endurance runner. Completed John O’ Groats to Lands End. Multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

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